"Portrait of Barbara"  30"x 44"
          My goal in portraiture is not only to achieve an excellent likeness, but also to capture the character of my subject. I strive to make each painting a personal work of art that will be a treasured possession for generations.
"Portrait of Glenn"  24"x 28"
Artist's Statement

  "Simply follow the light, where it comes from, where it goes."
                                Frank Weston Benson

"Portrait of Chapin"  22"x 28"
"At The Piano"  40"x36"
                         Portrait of Elizabeth
                             President  William G. Sinkford   
                                                  34"x  44"          
Collection, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
                            John F. Kennedy Jr.
                                      24" x 28"
Collection, J. F. K. Family Museum, Hyannis, MA
     "It was amazing to all of us how the artist had really captured Kennedy's style and manner. I had no idea the portrait would have such an impact."
                                                    Rebecca Pierce Curator
                                                  J. F .K Family Museum
Wilmington Magazine
     "And then in the last room there's a stunning oil portrait of John F. Kennedy Jr. "That stops everyone in their tracks"
                                                        Wendy Knight
New York Times, 2006
                  The Black Kimono
                            24"x 36"
Exhibited at the Cotuit Center for the Arts              for Self Portrait Cape Cod
Shelley Thayer Layton
UU World Magazine
Fall 2009
"Portrait of a President"
8"x 10" prints of this work are available at