Portraits of a Family's History
          Some of my most satisfying projects have been works painted from a client's vintage family photos. These old photographs make ideal reference material for portraits because of their formality and use of natural light. So often these precious images languish in storage trunks or are displayed on tables in small frames where they cannot be fully appreciated. When transformed into a full color, life size oil portrait, the image of a grandparent or other ancestor can add a warm sense of history to a home.
                                 "Lydia" 24"x 36"    (Portrait of  the Artist's Grandmother)                                                             Painted from a photograph , c. 1910 
              Harriett Hovey Tirrell  16"x 20"                                         Painted from a photograph c.1889

4"x5" reference photograph for
      Harriett Hovey Tirrell
4"x 6" reference photograph                       for "Lydia"

"A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts."
                                               Joshua Reynolds

           N. Woodburn Nichols  28"x 38"
      Painted  from a photograph. c, 1910 
Collection, Nichols Village, Groveland, Ma
    Reference Photograph for      N. Woodburn Nichols
   "All our staff and many at the recent celebration marveled at your work on the portrait."
                     Richard Cammett,
                    Trustee of the Nichols Foundation
  24"x 36"
Shelley Thayer Layton
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