"Yellow Roses in a Staffordshire Pitcher"
                                12"x 16"

"Bread and Wine"  8"x 10"
"Pink Magnolias"    10"x 12"
   "Small Beauties" 
    Copley Society Small Works 2001
      "Just because Shelley Thayer Layton's still life is about 9 inches square doesn't make it cheap any more than a thimble-size bauble from Cartier could be had in a gum ball machine. Why not stop into the Newbury Street Gallery and have a look at these little beauties? No two of these works are alike."
                                             Hayley Kaufman
                                            The Boston Globe

"Still life is the touchstone of the painter"
                                          Edouard  Manet
Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
J.F.K. Hyannis Museum
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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
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The Life and Work of Gustav Klimt

Small Works

"Fruit and a Pewter Mug"  8"x10"

"Woman with a Lute"

Agora Gallery
The New York Art Gallery for Contemporary Artists, Chelsea, N.Y.
Shelley Thayer Layton
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